This Is My Home

On an unseasonably warm November night in Manhattan on our way to get ice cream, we stumbled upon what appeared to be a vintage shop, brightly lit display window and all. As we began to walk in, a man sitting out front warned us that we were welcome to explore, but nothing inside was for sale. Our interests piqued, we began to browse through the collections the man out front had built throughout his life. This is a story of a man and his home.

Sunday routine

I love the idea of having a weekend routine. Unfortunately, having a toddler around the house means our weekends tend to be unstructured and dependent on various factors. Just sitting together in the kitchen having a leisurely late breakfast is an impossibility.

I recently came across the Sunday Routine series in the New York Times and plan to make my way through the archive. I mean, imagine this:

Every Sunday, Tim Gunn puts on a suit and walks through Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

It’s a sacred place for me, with all this incredible history and gorgeous work. I want to present myself properly. I just feel it’s an honor and a tribute to the work… [In the park] I go through a section called the Pinetum, an arboretum devoted almost exclusively to pine trees… I go to the Greek and Roman Galleries first. I’ll choose different objects to fixate upon… Then I go to the Balcony Lounge on the second floor and I have a glass or two of wine, and tea sandwiches. It’s really civilized. I always have my iPad. Frequently I’ll be researching something I’ve just seen.


via Austin Kleon

Sunday Routine