I set out to walk

I’ve never strolled. I never set out to encounter, I set out to walk. I set out to dispel daily depression. Every afternoon I get low-spirited, and one day I discovered the walk. I had some place to go on the Upper East Side, and I lived downtown on 12th Street. I decided to walk on impulse and it was three miles and it took an hour and I thought, “Oh, this is great, I feel so much better.” Lots of people know this, but I never knew it until I just stumbled on it. And then I began to make deliberate use of it. So I am always walking somewhere. I set myself a destination, and then things happen in the street.

Vivian Gormick

Sunday routine

I love the idea of having a weekend routine. Unfortunately, having a toddler around the house means our weekends tend to be unstructured and dependent on various factors. Just sitting together in the kitchen having a leisurely late breakfast is an impossibility.

I recently came across the Sunday Routine series in the New York Times and plan to make my way through the archive. I mean, imagine this:

Every Sunday, Tim Gunn puts on a suit and walks through Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

It’s a sacred place for me, with all this incredible history and gorgeous work. I want to present myself properly. I just feel it’s an honor and a tribute to the work… [In the park] I go through a section called the Pinetum, an arboretum devoted almost exclusively to pine trees… I go to the Greek and Roman Galleries first. I’ll choose different objects to fixate upon… Then I go to the Balcony Lounge on the second floor and I have a glass or two of wine, and tea sandwiches. It’s really civilized. I always have my iPad. Frequently I’ll be researching something I’ve just seen.


via Austin Kleon

Sunday Routine